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Advanced Video & Audio Editing Course

  • 2 Month Advanced Film & Audio Editing Course in Pune.
  • Learn 3 industry standard software for feature film and video editing.
  • Audio Editing - Noise Removal, Multi Band Compression, EQ and more.
  • Advanced Skills - Colour Correction, Key Framing.
  • Introduction to Adobe After Effects.
  • Learn through 6 projects (12 Shot Exercise, Documentary Film, Short Fiction Film, Music Video, Film Trailer & Commercial Ad Film).
  • Get technical as well as aesthetic training.
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Professional Cinematography Course

  • 2 Month Professional Cinematography Course in Pune.
  • Learn different elements of cinematography.
  • Composition, Exposure Settings, Camera Settings.
  • Camera Angles & Movement.
  • Colour & Lighting Theory.
  • Selection Of Appropriate Lenses.
  • Basic Lighting Set Up & Multi Camera Set Up.
  • Learn through doing 3 projects during the course - Documentary Shoot, Fiction Scene Work Shoot & Music Video Shoot.
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Acting Course

  • 3 Month Acting Course in Pune (Regular & Weekend batches available).
  • Syllabus based on Meisner's Technique Of Method Acting.
  • Get trained by experienced professionals from F.T.I.I., theatre & film industry, through project based learning.
  • Learn: Navras, Sense Memory, Improvisation, Character Building, Voice Modulation, Diction, Spot Memory (Auditions) Action Problem, Text Analysis & more.
  • Do 3 challenging project exercises: Monologue Shoot, Scene Work Shoot & Music Video Shoot.
  • Get Video Showreel, Casting Agents List & Daily Audition Updates.
  • Get continued career guidance to prepare for auditions.
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Diploma In Film Editing

  • Batch Starting In August
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Sixteen By Nine Media Productions

Sixteen By Nine Media Productions is a Video Production Firm specializing in Corporate & Documentary Film Production, Video Shooting, Video Editing & Photography.

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