Importance Of Transitions

23/6/2018, Vaibhav Singh, Video Editor @ Sixteen By Nine Media Centre

Transitions are helpful for raising interest about the film among the viewers. A cut is the most basic and common type of transition. When one shot replaces another shot we get to know that a cut is made. A film may have thousands of transitions throughout the duration. Transitions are used to separate two different timelines in the same film. They are also used to set particular mood to a film. However, sometimes a film consisting of less transitions or cuts are better. This depends on the genre of a film and how the filmmaker depicts his film to the audience. And also, how an editor makes good use of the transitions. In almost every type of film, respective transitions are used. Some are obvious and some are not so obvious. Most of the times the cuts are made for a technical need. Any irrelevant transitions between two different shots should have something common related to the story, otherwise interpreting the story line will be difficult for the viewers. Some transitions are commonly used to signify the passage of time. While some are artistic. Using transitions that add sense to the film is an art that every editor must know.

Creative Film-making

01/06/2018, Vaibhav Singh, Video Editor @ Sixteen By Nine Media Centre

Many filmmakers use the same way of story telling. Audience now call this lazy film-making because they have seen this millions of time and are somehow getting bored. A same scene can be depicted in many different ways. People want to see more creative contents these days. Video below tells us more about Creative techniques that are much different from the “cliched” version used for same type of scenes.

A wisely used creative transition may improve storytelling. There are many films and series which itself tells us about the importance of transitions in a film. Sherlock Holmes TV Series are one of them. Have a look at the style and transitions used in this tv series which increases the enthusiasm for watching more stuffs like this.