Professional Cinematography

Sixteen by Nine Media Centre is offering a professional cinematography course, where students can learn all the technical and creative aspects of cinematography.

The film and television industry is in constant need of people who are well-versed in the technical operation as well as the creative aesthetics of using cameras and lights to make compelling audiovisual content. Also, with the digital revolution, a large number of people now have access to good cameras that come at a fraction of the cost of a traditional film camera. With the growing usage of platforms such as YouTube, aspiring film makers and content creators can now showcase their content and creativity to a large audience at the click of a button.

So if you aspire to become a professional cinematographer or a content creator, you now have access to high-quality cameras, strong video hosting platforms, and a dedicated audience. The only thing missing is the necessary training in audiovisual content creation, and Sixteen by Nine Media Center has designed this Professional Cinematography Course to fill in this gap.

What You Learn In The Two Month Cinematography Course?

  • Camera Techniques - Camera angles & movement, Use of camera in different situations, Multi camera set up.
  • Camera Settings - Exposure settings
  • Selection Of Appropriate Lenses
  • Scene Composition
  • Lighting Methods & Techniques
  • Basic Lighting Set Up
  • Colour & Lighting Theory
  • Get hands on training on cameras by doing 3 project shoots - Documentary Shoot, Fiction Shoot & Music Video Shoot.
  • Screening & review sessions will be conducted after completing each project exercise.

Course Structure:

  • Week 01
    - Introduction to Cinematography
    - Composition Theory & Practical
    - Camera Settings
    - Exposure Theory
  • Week 02
    - Exposure Practical
    - Camera Angles
    - Camera Movements
    - Camera Movements Practical
  • Week 03
    - Camera Movements Practical
    - Review Of Practical
    - Colour Theory
    - Colour Theory Assignments
  • Week 04
    - Lighting Theory
    - Lighting Demo
    - Portrait Lighting
    - Demo Morning/night effect
    - Outdoor Lighting Demo
  • Week 05
    - Documentary Shoot Project
    - Screening Of Raw Footage
    - Structure of Film Industry & film distribution
  • Week 06
    - Fiction Shoot Project
    - Editing Software Demo
  • Week 07
    - Music Video shoot Project
  • Week 08
    - Screening Of Projects
    - RED Camera Workshop
    - Course Conclusion

Our Student Work:

Web Series: 'Mi Mrugajala'
Cast & Crew:
Video Editing, Acting & Cinematography students of Sixteen By Nine Media Centre.

Cutting Chai Productions, A film production firm by our student 'Abhijeet More.' Has successfully made films like 'Covert' & 'Aamina'.

Pre Wedding Video Shot By Our Student Ankit Demba.


Experienced cinematographers trained from Film & Television Institute Of India (F.T.I.I.), Pune.

Main Faculty: Bhagyashri Khandare (F.T.I.I. Alumnus)
Profile: Partner in Ignited Spectrum. A graduate from the Department of Photography, Fergusson College, she then pursued a certificate course in Cinematography from the Film & Television Institute of India.

Upcoming Batches

Weekend Batch
10th March, 2018
Sat -Sun Classes
, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Last Date For Enrollment: 8th March, 2018.

Regular Batch
Starts: 19th March 2018
Mon -Fri Classes, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Fees: 25,520/-
Limited Seats. Last date for admission is 16th March