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There is a lot of confusion between film direction & film-making. Film-making is creating or being part of the creation of a film. Any individual in the film production team can be called a filmmaker. Film direction is a specific job held by a specific person, the film director. Film director is the one who takes the viewers in a journey. He is the one who decides on that journey’s direction, meaning where the story goes & how long it takes. ‘Where’ the story is ‘going’ implies the Space & ‘how long it takes’ implies Time. Now, this balancing of the Space-Time equilibrium is the aesthetic sense or art of the film director. The skills required in order to execute the art, is called techniques of film direction.

The film director does not need to operate a camera or cut footage in editing. The film director needs to direct the cinematographer, the editor, the actors, and most importantly the audience watching the film. Film Direction is one of the most responsible and challenging jobs in film production. Directors need to understand human emotions, they must have ability to grasp technical processes, ability to work with different kinds of skilled professionals.

Get trained from experienced industry professionals in multiple aspects of film direction process – concept development, script & screenplay writing, casting, shot division, scene blocking & more. Learn both art & technique of film direction.




  • Learning the art & technique of visual storytelling.
  • Successfully complete a variety of curriculum film projects, managing each project through the pre-production, production, and post-production phases.
  • Develop an understanding of collaborative working between directors, cinematographers & actors in various curriculum film projects.
  • Maintaining a consistent look for each film by studying visual design & art direction.
  • Study about different documentary film formats with a focus on style, technique & elements of storytelling.
  • Training in screenwriting craft, casting, scene blocking, sync-sound production.
  • Recognition of opportunities, understanding of economic and artistic constraints of different branches in this profession, which enables to work effectively as an employee or a self-employed professional.
  • A hands-on learning experience to handle professional projects, through Sixteen By Nine Internship Program.



  • Gourav Ghosh (F.T.I.I.)
  • Uttam Mondol (F.T.I.I.)
  • Mangesh Latey (FLAMES UNIVERSITY)
  • Anteriksh Srivastava (SBNMC)



COURSE FEES | 55,000/-

  • Installment Structure: 25,000-15,000-15,000
    Payable in 3 monthly installments
    (Post-dated cheque is compulsory)



  • All candidates applying to courses at Sixteen By Nine Media Centre should be SSC pass.
  • Admissions are based on registration only. The registration fee is ₹5,000/-.
  • Required attachments to admission form:
    ✓ 1 passport size photo of student
    ✓ photocopy of ID proof bearing student’s address (Aadhar/Passport/Driving license)
    ✓ photocopy of mark sheet of any 1 of the examinations (S.S.C./H.S.C./Graduation/P.G.)
    ✓ NEFT
    Beneficiary Name: Sixteen By Nine Media Centre
    Name Of Bank: HDFC Bank
    Branch Name: Bhandarkar Road
    A/c No.: 50200040423503
    A/c Type: Current Account
    IFS Code: HDFC0000007
    ✓ By cheque in favor of, ‘Sixteen By Nine Media Centre’
    ✓ By cash (submitted at our office).



  • The inability to pay fees on time will lead to cancellation of admission.
  • Fees once paid is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • Sixteen By Nine Media Centre holds the right to grant as well as cancellation of admission.
  • SBNMC reserves the right to use a student’s name, photograph, testimonials, likeness, or films in brochures, ads, web & any other promotional material or educational purpose.



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Course Curriculum

Film-making Is A Craft 00:00:00
Iconic Scene : How To Watch & Study Films 00:20:00
Audio Visual Settings And Format 00:30:00
Learn To Write Synopsis : Concept & Treatment Note 00:06:00
Concept Note Assignment 2, 00:00
History of Indian Cinema 00:35:00
Direction : Beginner Classes 00:45:00
Direction : Intermediate Classes 00:22:00
Direction : Advanced Classes 00:20:00
Interview Project 1 week, 1 day
Documentary Film Project 00:10:00
Short Film Fiction Project 00:20:00
Music Video Project 01:00:00
Original Concept And Treatment Note Exercise FREE 00:20:00
Feature Film Story Exercise FREE 00:40:00
Sound Design Exercise FREE 00:30:00
Final Draft Screenplay Exercise 00:35:00
Casting 00:05:00
Scene Blocking 00:30:00
Working With Actors 00:30:00

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