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6 Week Film Direction Course

What Is Film Direction?

Film Direction is about directing the audience. A film, with its audio-visual expressions takes the viewers to a journey. The direction of a film directs the emotions of the viewers to the destination point. Film direction is the creative vision of the entire project, in all stages of filmmaking. The film direction creates a visual form from written material.

What Does a Film Director Do?

A film director co-ordinates with all the crew members and discusses the creative and logistical requirements of the film. The film director is responsible to bring all the departments of filmmaking under one common creative vision. In the industry, a film director is held responsible for the commercial and artistic success of the film. Directors are hired by TV channels, film production houses, Ad film production houses, also they work on freelance basis.

What Will This Course Do?

Sixteen By Nine Media Centre’s Online Film Direction Course will train the students in

  • Reading, Writing & Interpreting Screenplays into visual form
  • Organize Casting sessions and selecting actors
  • The workflow of each stage of filmmaking
  • What is the story? How to develop stories?
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Music Appreciation
  • Sound Design
  • Color in filmmaking
  • Practical Projects & Exercises


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