This course is for students, film enthusiasts, film journalists, film critics, and filmmakers who want to understand how a filmmaker processes his or her thoughts, in order to shape a film for the audience. This is an introductory course that will prepare a student to get into a filmmaking mentality, an approach for filmmaking, and start making films. This course is accompanied by video lectures explaining the nature of films and filmmaking, Quizzes, reading materials, links to resourceful articles and blogs, and a project activity where students of this online course will make a short film (6-shot exercise) and get feedback. Each batch will be a community where students interact with other students and enhance

Course Curriculum

Introduction : How To Think Like A Filmmaker FREE 00:01:00
Week 01: Filmmaking Mindset
Filmmaking Is Craft FREE 00:03:00
Quiz: Filmmaking Is Craft 00:02:00
Film, Cinema, Movie FREE 00:03:00
Quiz: Film, Cinema, Movie 00:02:00
Film Is Universal Language 00:02:00
Quiz: Film Is Universal language 00:02:00
Unbreakable Laws Of Filmmaking 00:04:00
Quiz: Unbreakable Laws Of Filmmaking 00:02:00
Develop Visual Thinking 00:00:00
12-Shot Paper Sequence 45, 00:00
Week 02: Filmmaking Technique
Screening & Analysis of Short Documentary : AMAR 00:13:00
Assignment on AMAR Documentary Film 00:10:00
The Rule Of Six 00:03:00
Quiz: The Rule Of Six 00:02:00
Scene Breakdown : The Good, The Bad And The Ugly 00:07:00
Scene Breakdown Assignment 00:10:00
Learn To Write Synopsis : Concept & Treatment Note 00:06:00
Concept Note Assignment 2, 00:00
Week 03: Practical Filmmaking
Workflow Of Filmmaking 00:02:00
Quiz: Filmmaking Workflow 00:02:00
You Are Not A Filmmaker, If You Don’t Make Films 00:15:00
Exercise : 6-Shot Shoot 00:02:00
Exercise: 6 Shot Editing 00:01:00
Upload & Submit Your Film 00:05:00
Submit Film Link Here 3, 00:00
Bonus Lecture
Film History 00:04:00

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