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What Is Video Editing?

Video editing is the arrangement of shots, in order, to create a meaningful sequence. During the video editing process, each scene should segue into the next flawlessly. This includes removing unusable footage and stringing together what’s left into the best possible sequence. Unusable footage often includes footage where actors make mistakes, the camera angles weren’t just right, or it doesn’t move the story forward somehow.

What Does a Video Editor Do?

A video editor is a creative professional who conceptualizes sequences and edits the footage to achieve the desired meaning. A Video editor is a crafts-person. They have to be artists, technicians,  keeping in mind the target audience. That means they employ art, technique & business skills. Editing is Known as “make or break” for a project; hence outstanding video editing is one of the skills very important in the making of the film.

What Does This Course Train?

This course trains students in editing video footage with an aesthetic sense of cutting. In sound, students learn professional sound design and technical know-how of mixing the audio. The course also trains in the use of color, human perception of color, and tools of color correction. All these are done through different projects & exercises, to give students live experience of video editing. At the end of the course, the student becomes a skilled video editor along with a portfolio to show prospective employers & clients.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Introduction : How To Think Like A Filmmaker FREE 00:01:00
How To Watch And Study Films 00:35:00
Video Formats 00:30:00
Exercise : 6-Shot Shoot 00:02:00
Concept Note 00:45:00
Film History 00:04:00
Section 2
Premiere Pro Demo Part 1 00:20:00
Rough Cut 00:35:00
Premiere Pro Demo Part 2 00:50:00
Section 3
Fiction Final Cut 00:25:00
Audio Theory 00:10:00
Audio Practical 00:20:00
Non Fiction Project Screening 00:45:00
Section 4
Fiction Editing 00:00:00
Editing Rough 00:20:00
Colour Theory 00:20:00
Colour Practical FREE 00:45:00
Fiction Final Cut 00:25:00
Section 5
Da Vinci Resolve Demo 00:40:00
Trailer Editing Structure 01:00:00
Trailer Editing FREE 00:30:00
Trailer Project Screening 00:20:00
Section 6
Final Cut Pro X Demo 00:45:00
Types Of Music Video 00:30:00
Music Video Edit 00:30:00
Course Conclusion 00:12:00

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