Lecture Series On Film-Making
By Gourav Ghosh (F.T.I.I. Alumnus)
20th to 24th Nov, 2017.

Sixteen By Nine Media Centre presents a one-of- its kind 'Lecture series On Film-making' By Gourav Ghosh (F.T.I.I. Alumnus).

This lecture series will be conducted for both the professionals & amateurs in the field of film-making. There will be in total 5 lectures. The lectures will comprise wide range of subjects in film-making. Aesthetic, Technical & Commercial aspects of film-making will be covered.

All 5 Lectures – Rs 2000/-
Any 4 Lectures – Rs 1700/-
Any 3 Lectures – Rs 1350/-
Any 2 Lectures – Rs 950/-
Any 1 Lecture – Rs 500/-
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Lecture Series WA

Lecture 01
Topic: Business & Culture of Film-Making
Day & Date: Monday, 20th Nov 2017
Time: 6 - 8 pm

Aim: To make participants understand why someone becomes filmmaker. What exactly film-making does in the society


  • The meaning of Universal Language.
  • Understanding the relationship between Eye & the Screen.
  • Brain Editing Exercise.
  • Watching a 10 min Short film to analyze the narrative of film-making.
  • Exploring the necessary elements of film-making to engage the audience (Walter Murch’s The Rule of Six)
  • Film Distribution.

Lecture 02
Analyzing Iconic Scenes (Film Analysis & Critique)
Day & Date: Tuesday, 21st Nov 2017
Time: 6 - 8 pm

Aim: Watching iconic scenes of cinema and understand how to study & analyze films.


  • How editors & film-makers use audience’s eyes to engage them.
  • How to build up emotion?
  • What is 'rhythm' in film-making?
  • Different styles & genre of film-making.
  • How to study a film?
  • How to cut songs?

Lecture 03
Topic: Video Formats
Day & Date: Wednesday, 22nd Nov 2017
Time: 6 - 8 pm

Aim: To clear the technical aspects of Film, TV & Digital Formats.


  • Meaning of format
  • Film Format: How a film records an image & how its projected.
  • TV Format: Different types of recording on tapes.
  • Difference between Linear & Non-Linear Editing.
  • The process of capturing signal from satellite/TV Station & displaying audio-visual on home television.
  • Progressive Scanning & Interlaced Scanning.
  • Meaning behind SD, HD, 2k, 4k resolutions.
  • Digital Formats: Codecs & Containers.
  • Key Terminologies.

Lecture 04
Topic: Concept & Treatment Note
Day & Date: Thursday, 23rd Nov 2017
Time: 6 - 8 pm


Aim: To develop a concept from a raw idea & giving treatment to the concept.


  • Film-making workflow
  • What is an idea & how an idea for a film is expressed?
  • How to select & validate your idea: Using filters.
  • Developing the Concept Note.
  • Learning Film Treatment.

Lecture 05
Topic: Story - Origin & Genesis
Day & Date: Friday, 24th Nov 2017
Time: 6 - 8 pm

Aim: To highlight the importance of Story in Human world


  • What is Story
  • Why & How Human civilization control the world
  • Difference between animals & humans
  • We are made up of stories, What are these stories?
  • How stories have changed since the time on hunter-gatherers to the present age of DATA.
  • Future of Storytelling & Film-making.