SBNMC Internship Process

Step 1 The student has to complete all curriculum projects and clear vivas.

Step 2 Student’s Showreel, Resume and ‘My Story’ video will be created.
2a. Editing student edit his/her own showreel, Cinematography and Direction student’s showreel is edited by the centre.
2b. Student drafts his/her Resume referring to the format provided by the centre.
2c. ‘My Story’ video is shot by the centre as per format.

Step 3 The ready profile of the student is sent to production houses in Pune, Mumbai and other cities.

Step 4 The student appears for online or physical interview calls as per vacancies.

Step 5 The student completes minimum 1 month of internship, procures an internship completion letter from the employer and submits it with the centre to receive his/her course completion certificate.


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