Brand Storytelling

By Gourav Ghosh, Film-maker & Teacher

The twenty-first century is all about reduction, specialization & simplification to users. One to one communication is often reduced to abbreviations, emojis, and GIFs. On a global scale, language itself is getting simpler. People prefer to watch something than reading it, especially if it is about marketing or advertising of a product, service or organization.  Rather than telling someone why a particular product or service is right for them, marketers now show customers a powerful story. Storytelling can set your client apart from the competition. In the history of storytelling, small gatherings of people sat around fires listening to the storyteller’s tales of magic and fantasy. Now potentially, the entire world gathering around the internet listens to the wonders that your client’s organization can bring to their lives.

A brand story has the power to forge valuable connections with consumers. A human story passes through us like food, air, water & sleep, leaving behind an essence. That’s where the power comes from. Human beings communicate in stories, we think in stories, we live in stories. Stories are one of the greatest causes of the development of human civilization in contrast to the animal kingdom.

Storytelling is hardwired into humanity. We learn through stories. People listen to a story carefully and when they listen you can direct them towards the action. Most of us will forget the brand name if we read it somewhere or even in an educational video. The story adds recall value to the video. A well-written story is helpful in making a brand its objective. The story establishes an emotional connection with people. Stories make people ‘feel’ and no one can forget if you make them feel. Brand storytelling that puts its audience first is more relatable and genuine than a corporate mascot or generic celebrity endorser. Images or videos are processed faster in the human brain than any text. The ability to merge data-driven insights and strategy with an overlay of cutting edge creative has proven to be the ‘secret sauce’ brands have been chasing.

One can capture the market by the value of purpose-driven business and story-driven marketing. Remain authentic and transparent, and make your customers the hero of your brand story.

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