Filmmakers think and talk about films differently than the audience/viewers. Making a film is a creative and technical strategy to make the viewers totally engaged with the story and believe that the screenplay is happening for real. In order to be able to execute this strategy, a filmmaker needs to train his or her thoughts. Here are the 3 ways to start thinking like a filmmaker :

1. Developing a Filmmaking Mindset
A filmmaking mindset cannot happen at the switch of a button. It needs constant practice and it will be developed over time. For this, you need to understand the purpose of filmmaking–What are films and why are they made, as well as the rules and laws governing the art, science, and commerce of filmmaking. It is important to understand that a film is a visual medium. A filmmaker thinks about a story and message in a visual manner.

2. Understand Filmmaking Technique

Technique is different than technology. Technique is the skill or craft that is needed to use a technology. Filmmaking technique is not about how a camera is used or how a software is operated. Rather, it is about what to do with these tools. How do you construct a sequence? How do you develop a story through different visuals? How particular emotions are established through these visuals? The understanding of filmmaking technique will come only when you watch the film as if you are studying it, breaking down each scene and sequence. As an exercise, divide and analyse any film you watch in 4 departments: Direction, Cinematography, Editing and Sound. Watch and rewatch films with these 4 departments separately in your mind.

3. Make a film
You cannot start thinking like a filmmaker without making films. It has never been easier to make a film. Your phone is a “studio in your pocket”. You can shoot, edit and upload (distribute) through your phone. But you need to plan it well. Be aware of what you are doing and with time and the correct learning from your experiences and proper guidance, you will automatically start thinking like a filmmaker.

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