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Course nameCertification in Film & Video Editing
Course duration12 Weeks (3 Months)
Mode of classDistance Learning (Online)
Batch starts10 Oct 2021
Course fee₹ 30,000/-
Course directorGourav Ghosh (FTII)

Editing is one of the most important parts of making a film. An editor’s job involves making tons of decisions in order to figure out the story you want to tell. The emotion that comes through the final film is up to the editor. One of the most important skills to have as an editor is having the ability to create a story for a target demographic. Through our 3 Month Distance Learning Certification Program in Film & Video Editing, we prepare critical and industry-responsive filmmakers.  Award-winning filmmaker, main faculty, and director of the course Gourav Ghosh (FTII) will take you through the craft of editing. He believes that making a film is not possible without editing.  Our training is focused on making the student a filmmaker, who makes films. We promote our students’ films to international film festivals and online streaming platforms. We and our students are a team committed to the core process of film-making.
The curriculum projects are constructed in such a way that it feels like a real job. We have original smart projects for students. They receive professional advice and feedback on their final films which is very much how the professional world works. You not only get hands-on instruction from industry professionals but also build your showreel while completing the course.

Your film editing career starts here!


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  • Knowledge of using the latest professional software for non-linear film & video editing to create broadcast-quality films & videos – Adobe Premiere Pro CC, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro X.
  • Complete 6 video editing curriculum projects from start to finish.
  • Understanding the process & workflow of film-making: idea & concept creation, colour theory, VFX, sound & audio post-production, film production & post-production.
  • Ability to create advanced projects of different genres, montage edits, most up-to-date transitions and effects & more.
  • Develop an understanding of collaborative working between directors, cinematographers & actors in various curriculum film projects.
  • Recognition of opportunities, understanding of economic and artistic constraints of different branches in this profession, which enables them to work effectively as an employee or a self-employed professional.
  • A hands-on learning experience to handle professional projects, through the Internship Program.




• Adobe Premiere Pro CC
• Final Cut Pro x
• DaVinci Resolve
• Film Format
• TV Format
• Digital Format
• Aspect Ratio
• Frame Rate
• Interlaced & Progressive Scanning
• Amplitude & Frequency Modulation
• Frame Rate
• Resolutions
• Containers
• Codecs
• Bit Depth
• Bit Rate
• Dealing Footage
• Watch footage
• Organise Footage
• Setup Software
• Import
• First Assembly
• Rough Cut
• Final Cut
• Sound Post production
• VFX & CC
• Export
• File Delivery
• Launch software
•Interface Orientation
• Create & Rename
• Libraries
• Add, Rename, Delete Events
• Library Properties
• Modify Media Storage
• Locations
• Working With  Inspector
• Customise Preferences
• Customise Keyboard Shortcuts
• Import Media
• Customise The Browser
• Rename Clips
• Favourites
• Keywords
• Find Clips By Name
• Modify Browser Columns
• Create Smart Collection
• Edit Options
• Customise Titling
• Primary Storyline
• Position Tool
• Edit Only Video/ Only Audio
• Replace Edits
• Cut A Clip
• Precision Editor
• Trim- Tops/ Tails/ Range
• Ripple/ Roll/ Trim
• Slip Tool
• Split Edit
• Key Audio Tones
• Edit & Trim Audio
• Set Audio Levels
• Record Voiceovers
• Explore Roles For Video, Audio Editing
• Audio Effects
• Transitions
• Equalization
• Audio Mixing
• 4 Goals Of Colour
• Correction
• 3 Colour Settings
• Using The Colour Wheel
• Using Colour Board
• Using Colour Curves
• Using Video Scopes
• 3 Types Of Transitions
• Effects
• Overview
• Inspector Effects
• Speed Effects
• Keyframing & Animation
• Chroma Keying
• Masking
• Title Browser
• How To Preview Titles
• Edit Titles Into The
• Timeline
• Change Title Duration
• Change Title Text
• Safe Zones
• Title Administration
• Blend Modes
• Generators Browser
• Generator Textures
• Animated Backgrounds
• Generators & Infographics
• 3D Text
• Emojis In Text




• Sixteen By Nine Media Centre is among very few film institutes in India to offer an online project based film editing course.
• Using an internet connected laptop or a PC loaded with prescribed software, students can take this distance learning course from anywhere around the world.
• All professionally shot footage are provided to students for the purpose of developing editing skills.
• Quizzes and assignments form important assessment tools of the course, helping students develop their skills from foundation to intermediate to professional.
• The course offers a learning platform where students can review complete course module in Google Classroom, watch recorded video lectures, interact with faculty at every step of the way through WhatsApp group, one to one doubt clearing sessions, and live master class webinars.
• Students edit their own show reel as part of their final curriculum project for the course.
1. Each Monday, for 12 weeks, you’ll receive an email with lecture videos, content material, reference films, Raw footage, notes & instructions. You’ll be added to that week’s Google Classroom where you can access all materials.
2. Complete the week’s task by Friday and submit your weekly assignments by each Saturday through email or on the google classroom.
3. Faculty live sessions will be conducted twice a month, on second and fourth Saturdays of each month.
4. You’ll be added to WhatsApp group for real time doubt clearance.
5. A full 12 weeks academic calendar will be issued to you at the time of admissions. After submissions of all projects and assignments, your showreel and resume will be created for the internship program.
• Pc or Laptop With Internet.
• PDF Reader
• Premiere Pro CC or DaVinci Resolve or FCPx
(Trial versions of the software will also work.)
• All those who have a passion for editing.
• All those who have enthusiasm and interest in making films.
Candidates to the course also get advantage of Sixteen By Nine Media Centre's internship program to get a foot in the film industry through internship placements with our partner production houses.

Past placements have included:
• Star Sports
• BhaDiPa YouTube Channel
• Ignited Spectrum Productions
• Bells & Whistles Productions
• First Cry
• Trivium Media Productions
• A.K. Studios
• Orca Studios
Kindly visit the link, subsequently fill up the APPLICATION FORM and attach the necessary documents.
Please note, after due verification of your application form and other details, our team shall send you the fee payment link from our official email id After successful payment, you are given access to the course.

Call our course coordinator on 9518505168 for assistance.
Applicants are expected to possess a minimum of Std X School certificate. This course is under-graduate level, which post-graduates can also attempt, as it is tuned with latest industry trends and practices. The applicant should be able to read English.

Mandatory documents required:
• Proof of identity - Aadhaar card / Passport / Voter’s ID / PAN card / Driving license
• Proof of address - Aadhaar card / Passport / Voter’s ID
• Marksheet - S.S.C. or equivalent / Highest qualification




An award-winning filmmaker with over 11 years of experience in Fiction, Documentary & Corporate filmmaking, GOURAV GHOSH has made over 30 independent short films & documentaries. Some of his films like “Nakaar”, “Garbage Island” & ‘Jokkad” are awarded in international film festivals. A Post-Graduate Diploma in Video Editing from Film & Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, he has worked with organizations like NDTV, Doordarshan and independently on various political & corporate campaigns. He was the Academic Chairperson (Media) of ISB&M, Pune. He has conducted filmmaking workshops for learners of all levels and different educational backgrounds. This is a unique combination of experience in the film education sector coupled with more than ten years of core background in filmmaking.
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+91 9518505168
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"This place teaches you how to think like a filmmaker. Most reputed institutes teach you only software and fancy gadget operating. But this place develops your vision along with practical skills. JOIN HERE TO BECOME A FILMMAKER! Great place for the value of money, time, and effort!"

Shilpa Vaishnavi

Video Editor



"A must for anyone who wants to get into the industry. Very relevant content and super methods to impart. Highly recommended."

Alind Sinha

Data Analyst & Film Enthusiast



"I always had a fascination and curiosity for film editing. Initially, I explored many institutes with varied course modules, but then I feel really happy, that I chose SBNMC over anyone. Because here you don't just get knowledge of film making, but complete freedom to explore your skills of filmmaking. When you get connected to this creative film-making team, you would love and be proud to be part of this institute. Here you get an excellent project-based curriculum with good mentors and great support from everyone in the team."

Charu Vanikar




"The film-editing course at SBNMC has helped me understand filmmaking from a different vantage point. Here you are not only taught to operate editing software but also you get to know the insights of editing and films. You get to learn about your sense of rhythm, humor, thrill, and excitement and how to use them for storytelling. Not only can this course make you an editor, but it can also help you become a good/better filmmaker if you're willing to make the necessary efforts."

Mayank Adlakha




"The best thing I like about SBNMC is that I got to practice everything I learned. Here you don't just learn from books or the internet, you learn by editing raw footage provided to you under expert guidance and feedback. Right from the beginning, your learning is project-based. From the first week, you are working on your own film."

Amey Sirdeshmukh




"Excellent place to learn Film Editing, all technical and aesthetic aspects of editing are covered. A perfect learning experience for all aspiring filmmakers."

Anterisksh Shrivastava




"It was the best decision ever to choose SBNMC and learn film editing. Trust me they are too good."

Siddhesh Sawant




"Get ample practice to shoot, direct, and write scripts - all the things that are necessary to survive in the film industry."

Abhishek Sawant

Production Head



"All the faculty are top class. The curriculum brings the best out of students. A very helpful team. Great course to kickstart your career in films."

Akshay Sakhalkar




"SBNMC is a place filled with passionate teachers and students. This place gives everyone an equal opportunity to work, learn, and develop in the field of filmmaking."

Kapil Purandare



Course Curriculum

Week 1
Day 01: Introductory Live Session 00:00:00
Day 02: History Of Film Editing 00:00:00
Day 03: Analysis Of Film 00:00:00
Day 04: Workflow Of Film Editing 00:00:00
Day 05: Workflow Of Editing – 6 Shot Demo, Premiere Pro CC Interface 00:00:00
Day 06: Editing Hardware & Storage 00:00:00
Assignment: Six Shot Editing With Given Footage 00:00:00
Six Shot Review 00:00:00
Week 2
Day 01: Video Format 00:00:00
Day 02: Codecs, Bit Depth, Resolution 00:00:00
Day 03: Watch Film 00:00:00
Day 04: Test On Day 03 Film 00:00:00
Day 05: Import & Optimise Footage In NLE Software 00:00:00
Day 06: Faculty Interaction Live Session 00:00:00
Assignment: Quiz 00:00:00
Week 3
Day 01: FCPx Demo, DaVinci Resolve Interface, Premiere Pro CC Demo 00:00:00
Day 02: Documentary Editing Lecture 00:00:00
Day 03: Concept Note 00:00:00
Day 04: Watch Non Fiction Footage 00:00:00
Day 05: Non-Fiction Edit 00:00:00
Week 4
Day 01: Non-Fiction Edit 00:00:00
Day 02: Sound Theory 00:00:00
Day 03: Non fiction edit 00:00:00
Day 04: Non Fiction Edit 00:00:00
Day 05: Non Fiction Edit & Submission 00:00:00
Day 06: Faculty Interaction Live Session 00:00:00
Non Fiction Film Review & Feedback 00:00:00
Week 5
Day 01: Fiction Editing Lecture 00:00:00
Day 02: Rough Cut Demo 00:00:00
Day 03: Final Cut Demo 00:00:00
Day 04: Fiction Footage Watching 00:00:00
Day 05: Fiction Edit 00:00:00
Week 6
Day 01: Fiction Edit 00:00:00
Day 02: Color Theory 00:00:00
Day 03: Fiction Edit 00:00:00
Day 04: Fiction Edit 00:00:00
Day 05: VFX In NLE & Keyframing In Premiere Pro CC 00:00:00
Day 06: Faculty Interaction Live Session 00:00:00
Week 7
Day 01: Fiction Edit 00:00:00
Day 02: Fiction Edit 00:00:00
Day 03: Titling Demo 00:00:00
Day 04: Fiction Edit 00:00:00
Day 05: Fiction Edit & Submission 00:00:00
Week 8
Day 01: Trailer Edit (movie watching) 00:00:00
Day 02: Trailer Edit 00:00:00
Day 03: Trailer Edit 00:00:00
Day 04: Trailer Edit 00:00:00
Day 05: Trailer Edit & Submission 00:00:00
Day 06: Faculty Interaction Live Session 00:00:00
Fiction Film Review & Feedback 00:00:00
Trailer Review & Feedback 00:00:00
Week 9
Day 01: DaVinci Resolve Demo (color correction & grading) 00:00:00
Day 02: Music Video Editing Lecture 00:00:00
Day 03: Music Video Footage Watching 00:00:00
Day 04: Music Video Edit 00:00:00
Day 05: Music Video Edit 00:00:00
Week 10
Day 01: Music Video Edit 00:00:00
Day 02: Music Video Edit 00:00:00
Day 03: Music Video Edit 00:00:00
Day 04: Music Video Edit 00:00:00
Day 05: Music Video Edit & Submission 00:00:00
Day 06: Faculty Interaction Live Session 00:00:00
Music Video Review & Feedback 00:00:00
Week 11
Day 01: Ad Film Footage Watching 00:00:00
Day 02: Ad Film Edit 00:00:00
Day 03: Ad Film Edit 00:00:00
Day 04: Ad Film Edit 00:00:00
Day 05: Ad Film Edit 00:00:00
Week 12
Day 01: Exporting File 00:00:00
Day 02: File Delivery 00:00:00
Day 03: Final Quiz 00:00:00
Day 04: Showreel Building 00:00:00
Day 05: Showreel Building 00:00:00
Day 06: Faculty Interaction Live Session 00:00:00
Course Conclusion 00:00:00


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