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Audition is an inevitable part of actor’s life. No matter if you are done with your acting training, you feel confident about yourself or you are already acting. You can bag roles ONLY after you pass an audition. It’s an important part of the process of becoming a professional actor. Nowadays, even established actors in the film industry have to go through the process of audition for a particular type of roles.

Audition is an actor’s test where he is judged on the basis of acting abilities, looks, screen presence, diction and overall personality. It is a platform where the actor has to market himself in front of the casting director.

Some actors experience fear to perform at auditions. No doubt they must be very good actors. But the fear restricts them to build the essence of the character during auditions. There are various tips and tricks actors can follow to overcome this fear. We will be talking about all of this and more in this workshop.

• What is an audition?
• How are you going to be judged at auditions?
• How does the casting process work?
• What exactly happens in casting agencies while auditioning (with some personal experiences)?
• How to give audition when you get the script on spot?
• Dos and don’ts of auditions.
• How to control audition fear?
• How to make your intro video?
• How to perform introduction at auditions?
• How to give online audition?
• How to approach casting agencies?
• Know about some popular casting agencies.

February 23, 2021
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